He felt the call as clearly as the horn that echoed through the trees at Amon Hen; and quickly rose in answer lest the warn be lost and all destroyed without true men. But no one else had caught that solemn call, and when they tried to hear the notes of light that haunt from […]

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Why Melenoria?

Artists are crazy. We all know it, but no one seems to understand why. There are two answers, of course. One, they are wack-biscuits. Two, they are Melenorian. It should be noted that what follows is a theory, but a very scientifically sound theory. Long ago in an alternate time stream, there was an alternate […]

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Words and music played. Through them, yet still suspended, hung the breath of life. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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The Painter and the Canvas

“Just paint it any way you choose,” the well-intentioned voices say. “Just make it beautiful today; This space is meant for you to use.”   But on this canvas, I’m so small, and the brush is awkward in my hand. How will my work turn out as planned when I can’t even see it all? […]

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He hunched beside the desk, trying for art. But then he heard the radio— The drums and chants and tunes from all across the world, A thousand rays of sunshine, a thousand days of bliss, a whirlwind surge of breathless life-pulse beating in his heart. – He stared beneath the sky at bursting stars and […]

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Chasing Fireflies

Sparks of fire dot the night meandering in trails of sudden bright, and flashing dark— luminescent light-tails seen. And quickly lost to sight. – The light ignites! A yellow ball appears beside my arm. I flash-grab at it greedily, but powered by alarm it disappears beyond recall. – I never know where I would take […]

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  Ebony on top of ivory Face mirrors shining. Waiting to be played. Daunting beauty, magically arrayed. With hidden music only few can see while list’ners wonder what must be the key. Is beauty only effort—all man-made: hard work, denial, human drive displayed? A marker to our creativity? But notes ignite an ember in our […]

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Break Ups

They were always together— Drawn like lovers On their sketch pads.   And then they weren’t— Pencils upside down, Purging the past.   They are never together anymore— Distinct masterpieces Drawn over the marks that would not erase.

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