A Prayer for Humility

O LORD, You’ve seen the eyesore guide me— mistaken glory strutting like an idol. You’ve heard the swelling praises pride me into fantasies beyond my title. You’ve seen the fallen angels ride me like soldiers guiding horses out to fight. You’ve heard the shrieks the monster cried me— deriding, whining, striking for my rights. You’ve […]

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Winter to spring to summer in a blur of tedium and tears, but then the timid, swelling glow of light against stale night. I forgot about the fireflies.

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Be Wary on Your Way

Tread carefully the underside of dawn where claw-like brush snatches at your feet, where ghosts of deeds long dead still haunt, and monsters stalk, ravenous for meat. The darkness crawls like spiders for your soul, to catch and wrap you deftly in its lies. Beware the fangs that draw the life out, whole; and do […]

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The Conqueror

Hatred cast its eyes on Him— scheming minds of threatened men, armed with lies and aimed to kill. (Anything for glory!) They led Him like a thief to trial, bound Him like a lamb for slaughter. He bowed His head and bent His knee but not to them. The devil, man, and death together mocked […]

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The Arm of the LORD

Take heart, dear souls, you exiles of the Fall and banished from God’s presence by your sins! The Lord has stretched out His almighty arm— salvation’s Word resounding from the throne, declared in muted tones for human ears, His spitting image put to fragile flesh. The Son has taken up the Father’s will and borne […]

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Beware the Shower

Turn your brain down in the shower or you’ll be there for an hour, and your thoughts, though bright and soaring, will not reach the water bill’s flooring nor crest the tidal waves of hate crashing as you pull in late— another battle lost in rhyme to your nemesis—Time.

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